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Top 3 Demat Accounts with Lowest Brokerage Charges in India 2022

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India 2022

In recent years, the concept of discount broking has become more and more popular and has led most discount brokers to outrank well-established trading companies. Here, we will discuss the top 3 Demat accounts with the lowest brokerage charges in India. By the end of this post, you'll have more clarity about different Demat account providers in India and their lowest brokerage charges. It would help you select the one that best suits your preferences!

Discount Brokers: Definition

A discount broker is the one who offers the lowest brokerage charges (a discounted or a flat fee brokerage) for every executed order. They offer you the most advanced technology while trading. However, they do not provide you with advisory services required for beginner traders. The brokerage charges of discount brokers are fixed irrespective of the stock volume.

Selecting an Ideal Stock Broker with Lowest Brokerage Charges

Choosing between a discount broker & a full-service broker entirely depends upon the investment purpose and duration. People who make multiple trades should go for a discount broker as they charge the lowest brokerage charges irrespective of the trade size. Moreover, discount brokers are also the best choice for people willing to make a short-term investment. It is again as they have the lowest brokerage charges.

On the other front, for those willing to invest in the stock market for an extended duration, it would be great to opt for a full-service broker. It is so that sound investment decisions can be made that requires data accuracy while buying and holding the stocks. Moreover, they also offer personal assistance through stock experts who comprehend the latest market trends well and can devise an effective investment strategy.

Top Demat Accounts with Lowest Brokerage Charges in India 2022

The lowest brokerage charges are something that every stock trader wants to have, whether he is a novice or a professional. However, no one would ever want to compromise on the service qualities. Previously, most stockbrokers in India were full-service brokers because of which trading used to be too costly[1].

With the technological advancements and the rise of online stock brokers, the concept of trading has entirely changed. The primary objective of discount brokers was to reduce the hefty brokerage charged by full-service stockbrokers. With a plethora of Demat accounts available in the market, it becomes challenging for traders and investors to select which Demat account is the best for them. We have prepared a list of top Demat accounts that offer the lowest brokerage charges in India for their convenience. Have a look!

Lowest Brokerage Charges in India: Demat Accounts by best share brokers in India

1.  ICICI Demat account

  • Brokerage Charges: 0.75% for < INR 25 Lakhs, 0.55% for Normal
  • Yearly Maintenance: INR 500
  • Charges for Account Opening: INR 975
  • RKSV
  • Brokerage Charges: 0.01% or INR 20 per executed order
  • Yearly Maintenance: INR 150
  • Charges for Account Opening: INR 150

2.  Kotak Mahindra Demat account

  • Brokerage Charges: 0.59%
  • Yearly Maintenance: INR 500
  • Charges for Account Opening: INR 975
  • SAS Online
  • Brokerage Charges: INR 9 per executed order
  • Yearly Maintenance: INR 200
  • Charges for Account Opening: INR 200

Final Words: Lowest Brokerage Charges in India

While choosing a Demat account with the lowest brokerage charges, it would be best to look for the one that offers high-quality tools for trading, low annual maintenance charges, prompt customer support, and no hidden charges, etc. Nowadays, many Demat accounts don't even include account opening charges to attract maximum customers and offer brokerage cashback & client-referral bonuses. The race amongst the Demat accounts of top brokers is challenging them to innovate quicker, provide more customer service so that traders & investors can have exceptional trading experience. For more details please visit trending stock broker in India 2022.

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